Our Process

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This is when we get to know each other. This stage can be 2 weeks or 2 years, depending on your timeline and priorities. Our team will explain what we do, where we’re headed, and how your company could fit in.

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When the time is right, we take an in- depth look at the business you’ve created to see how well it matches our acquisition criteria and fits with the Axcel portfolio.

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Letter of Intent

Once we have a full understanding of your business, we draft and send a detailed letter of intent, clearly laying out our acquisition terms.

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After a ~60-day confirmatory diligence process, the acquisition is finalized, and we officially welcome you and your company to the Axcel family.

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From here, we add support from Axcel to set the business up for long-term success. This is not one-size-fits-all – we work alongside the founders to design a customized plan that works best for themselves and their business.

Investment Criteria


Repeatable Revenue

Recurring or reoccurring revenue

Digital Capabilities

Virtual or Tech Enabled Training

High Quality Content

Professional and Specialized Education

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If you’re interested, so are we. We’d love to talk about taking your company to the next level.