Hands-on, Live Technical Training

Private training for groups at your site or online.

They offer classes on data science programming with Python and R, data visualization with Power BI and Tableau, Java, SQL, ServerAWS, Azure, SharePoint, ASP.NET, Angular, React, PythonAgile, and much more.

Why Accelebrate?

Because their they customize their learning programs are customized to align with your organization’s strategic goals. Starting with a skills gap analysis, they work with you to gain an understanding of your workforce’s current capabilities and then analyze the top skills needed to propel your organization forward.

Next, they construct and share a detailed recommendation for achieving your learning goals in the most time- and cost-efficient way. Their plan will include options for multiple delivery modes, custom content development as needed, and progress assessments. After each training, they review the program feedback in a retrospective meeting with you and discuss enhancements for future learning.

Blended learning packages include an expert learning associate that works with you to:

  • Explore and discover learning goals through brainstorming and
    consultation sessions with your team and our experts
  • Define a learning strategy coupled with program mapping
  • Assess, identify, and prioritize skill inventories and gaps
  • Design training that blends guided group sessions, labs, and videos
  • Coordinate logistics, course materials, and pre-training information
  • Deliver training and track progress
  • Measure, evaluate, and iterate on feedback to enhance future learning practices

Axcel’s partnership

Dec 2022

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Steve Hecker Accelebrate founder

Steve Heckler

Lifetime IT training enthusiast

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