IBM mainframe workforce training

The world’s most awarded, most delivered, most IBM-credentialed mainframe workforce training.

Why Interskill?

What began in 1991 as a quest for a better way to train IBM mainframe personnel is now the world’s most awarded, most delivered, and most IBM-credentialed IBM Z mainframe training company. Interskill has cumulatively trained over one million mainframers across the globe.

This team is made up of mainframers, and they’re proudly part of the global mainframe family. They collaborate closely with IBM and the major mainframe industry vendors to develop the finest training on their products. They train the mainframe workforces at a majority of the world’s mainframe organizations. They also give back to the industry, donating their courseware to countless next-generation mainframers worldwide.

The Interskill team understands that while you want to train and empower your mainframe computing workforce, you also want to do business with friendly, helpful, experienced people.

That’s Interskill. They’re here for you!

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March 2021

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IBM Mainframe

Darren Surch

30 Year Industry Pioneer
Lifetime IBM Champion

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