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Data Processing Training and Live SAP Access

One award-winning SAP training solution for your entire team. Train more users in less time for half the cost.

Why Michael Management?

Because they produce the best possible learning products for their customers.
They believe in going the extra mile, spending extra time and money to produce the very best training materials out there. For example, they hire professional voice actors and produce downloadable handouts and formal final exams. No other training provider does this.

Because they can make money and do good at the same time.
They’re a for-profit business that charges fair prices for their products and services. At the same time they enable thousands of people to obtain valuable SAP skills in order to improve their own market value, employability, and income potential.

Because they prefer to do one thing really, really well. Really.
They started as a consulting company, but then transformed into the leading SAP elearning company, because they’d preferred to focus on the one thing that they’re really, really good at.

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